Meet Your Finance Team

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Amy Pozza

Amy D. Pozza, MBA
Phone: 804-264-7315

Financial Aid Director

Photo of Kelley Florian

Kelley A. Florian, BA
Telephone: 804-627-5350

Director of Finance

Faith Taylor

Faith J. Taylor, BS, CPA
Phone: 804-908-1420

Financial Aid Counselor

Photo of Tate Sanchez

Tate Sanchez, BFA
Phone: 804-653-6049

BSMCON and SOMI Financial Aid primary point of contact

Bursars Office

Photo of Harris King

College Bursar
Harris King, BS
Phone: 804-627-5362

BSMCON and SOMI Bursar's Office primary point of contact (billing, payments, direct deposit, 1098T)

Financial Aid Specialist

Photo of Jackie Runne

Jackie Runne, BA
Phone: 804-627-5348

Sr. Accountant

Photo of Melanie Arcibal

Melanie Arcibal, BS
Phone: 804-627-5385

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